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"Elinor agreed to it all, for she did not think he deserved the compliment of rational opposition." [Life Quote]


Dalek Episodes: 2005 - present
They survive. They always survive while I lose everything.

Jenna: We’ve asked the audience this question a lot, and why people like it and what is it that appeals to you? And actually, we’ve had so many responses that are all… so different. From: because it gives me hope, because it got me a fiance, because it’s adventure and I’d like to think that I can go on that journey too. Maybe that is one of the things that is so special about Doctor Who, it’s this thing of having these infinite possibilities. Each individual can find something for them in it.


"Oh! Elinor," she cried, "I have such a secret to tell you about Marianne. I am sure she will be married to Mr. Willoughby very soon."

"You have said so," replied Elinor, "almost every day since they first met on High-church Down; and they had not known each other a week, I believe, before you were certain that Marianne wore his picture round her neck; but it turned out to be only the miniature of our great uncle."

"But indeed this is quite another thing. I am sure they will be married very soon, for he has got a lock of her hair."

"Take care, Margaret. It may be only the hair of some great uncle of his.”

"But indeed, Elinor, it is Marianne’s. I am almost sure it is, for I saw him cut it off. Last night after tea, when you and mama went out of the room, they were whispering and talking together as fast as could be, and he seemed to be begging something of her, and presently he took up her scissors and cut off a long lock of her hair, for it was all tumbled down her back; and he kissed it, and folded it up in a piece of white paper, and put it into his pocket-book."

- Sense and Sensibility, Chapter 12

How come the Doctor now has so much control over his TARDIS?

Like he can just take it wherever he wants, whereas before he struggled to keep to the same century.